RA Deputy Prime Minister Acquainted with the Renovation Process of Artesian Holes of Ararat Valley

00:00 / 30.11.2010

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan acquainted with renovation process of artesian holes of Ararat valley today, that is implemented within the frames of “Millennium Challenge Account - Armenia” program.

Accompanied with marzpet E. Barseghyan, head of MTA State Water Committee A. Andreasyan, general executive director of “MCC-Armena” A. Hovsepyan, Deputy Prime Minister visited Dashtavan and Sayat-Nova communities of Ararat region, where the artesian holes are rearmed with cam system and water meter equipments. Deputy Prime Minister was informed that qualitative features of artesian waters of Ararat valley were taken into account while choosing the water meter equipments. It was mentioned that the water meter will give an opportunity to have more exact datum on used water volume that is of great importance from the point of view of management and efficient usage of water sock.

Renovation of 44 artesian holes of Ararat valley is currently implementing, 5 holes conductive to accident will be closed. Currently works of 24 holes in Ararat and Armavir regions is already completed. 3 artesian holes of 5 placed in Sayat-Nova community has been rearmed, other 2 are in the process of projecting. 3 holes of 4 in Dashtavan community are completed.

Referring to the program of rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructures of “MCC-Armenia” A. Gevorgyan attached impotence to the quality of works. He expressed his hope that they will be implemented in accordance with the schedule giving a chance to launch the new irrigation period with new opportunities.

Deputy Prime Minister dealt with the population that was anxious about water supply issues. Improvement of inner network and quality of water were particularly emphasized in connection with water supply. It was mentioned that now the volume of used subterranean water has been decreased strongly in comparison with the previous year. This is a serious problem in water system for provision of sufficient water supply. Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets and the head of MTA state water committee to discuss the issues and to propose solutions particularly in connection with provision of irrigation.

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