The Program Devoted to 150th Anniversary Celebration of F. Nansen was Approved

00:00 / 30.11.2010

The regular session of 150th jubilee commission of Fridtiof Nansen that was conducted by RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan took place today. During the session of the commission the program of measures devoted to the 150th anniversary celebration of F. Nansen was approved.

By the program of jubilee year 2011 Museum of F. Nansen will be opened in “Dzitoghtsents tun” of Shirak region, the statue and the bust statue of Nansen will be placed affront of orphanages of Gyumry and Yerevan. Conferences, picture, sculptures, book exhibitions, literal morning performances, round tables devoted to activities of Nansen will be organized in Yerevan and in the regions, and it is foreseen to exhibit the Armenian books of Nansen in Oslo. As well as it is supposed to hold a conference on “Fridtiof of Nansen and Armenian” during the official visit of the minister of Foreign Affaires of Norway Yonas Gahr Shtyore. It is planned to create a data base of people with Nansenian passports and their heirs in RA and Diaspora and to turn out stamps and commemorative coins, jubilee copper commemorative coins. The program supposes organization of a number of measurements devoted to the life and activity of Nansen in Yerevan and in the regions during the jubilee year 2011.

Deputy Prime Minister proposed to introduce clarify into program of measures and to send the final version to the corresponding state body to provide implementation of the program.

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