Deputy Prime Minister was Introduced to the Process of “Stable Management of Bio-Variety” Program

00:00 / 29.11.2010

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration, chairmen of state forestry monitoring council regulating struggle against illegal forestry cutting Armen Gevorgyan received the delegation headed by the head of “Stable management of bio-variety” program of German Assosiation of technical cooperation (GTZ) Tomas Eberherr.

The Deputy Prime Minister was introduced to the process of the program that is implemented together with “Center of state forestry monitoring” SNCO and that is aimed at elaborating programs of forestry management of Armenia. The program also supposes implementation of indices estimation monitoring of quality and quantity. The methodology of estimation of ecosystem state of the forestry is now elaborating and it was mentioned the monitoring implemented by the principle of distant probing (by means of satellite images) is concerned to be more efficient. Currently elaboration of management plan of forestry of Sevqar is carried out and the results will be ready soon. Management program of upland postures is as well foreseen and the working group is going to cooperate with the interested bodes.

A. Gevorgyan announced thanks for the implementation of the program in Armenia considering them significant from the point of efficient organization of works in the sphere by the state bodies. It was mentioned that the implementation of the program and the monitoring will give an opportunity to have exact datum and to implement clear and target meeting works as that recourses are limited. A. Gevorgyan expressed his hope that by the help of the program it will also be possible to get information in real space of time and to organize supervision. Provision of publication of the monitoring results was also emphasized.

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