A. Gevorgyan Acquainted with Construction Process Schools Reconstructed by Means of “LINS” Fund

00:00 / 26.11.2010

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration, chairman of management council of “LINS” fund Armen Gevorgyan today visited Shirak and Lory regions to get acquainted with construction process of schools reconstructed by “school construction” program of “LINS” fund.

Deputy Prime Minister visited Sarakap, Nor Kyanq and Areshat viliges of Shrak region, number 1 school of Spitak of Lory region and number 22 school of Vanadzor accompanied by marzpetes of Shirak and Lory A. Giziryan and A. Qocharyan, director of “School construction” OPI (office for program imlementation) H. Sargsyan. As well as Deputy Prime Minister was informed that working process is implemented in full volume and in accordance with the schedule; nearly 35 per cent of construction has already been implemented. A. Gevorgyan persuaded local and regional authorities to assist construction companies if necessary.

The works launched in June of the current year is foreseen to be complete by the end of 2011, but they also concerned, that it is possible to complete construction of schools at the beginning of next academic year. Deputy Prime Minister particularly attached importance of qualitative work implementation mentioning that pre-term competition should not be at the expense of quality. He also reminded that the program has a 1 year post-guarantee service.

It must be mentioned that by “School constructing” program of “LINS” fund by reformulated second understanding memorandum concluded between RA Government and “LINS” fund implements in Shirak and Lory regions in each region are included per three schools.

During the council held in the marzpetaran of Lory at the end of the visit was particularly collection process of personal income. A. Gevorgyan brought the indices of property tax collection to the attention of marzpets persuading to take measures for their improvement as well as to pay off salary debts of previous years. They also referred to process of formation of budget project 2011 of communities. Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets together with the heads of comminutes to take measures to formulate the budget project by the end of the year for formation of real budgets. As well as Deputy Prime Minister was informed about competition of agricultural works and autumn sowing. It was mentioned that the gravity feed system of Spitak reconstructed by “Millennium Challenge Account” program soon will be operated in virtue of which irrigation of 3,6 million hectare territory will be improves and 400 hectare will be subjected to irrigation. A. Gevorgyan expressed his hope the reconstruction of irrigation infrastructures will be of a great importance for the agriculture development. A number of issues related to problems of the regions were as well discussed during the council.

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