A. Gevorgyan Continues to Get Acquainted with Rehabilitation Process of Infrastructures of Irrigation Systems in the Regions

00:00 / 24.11.2010

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan continues to get acquainted with rehabilitation process of infrastructures of irrigation system in the region. Rehabilitation process of the mother channel of Armavir was presented to the attention of RA Prime Minister and the head of MTA State Water Committee A. Andreasyan today.

The channel is rehabilitated by the World Bank’s urgent program of rehabilitation of irrigation systems. Reconstruction works of 7km sector of mother channel in the territory of Sardarapat community have already launched with the help of economized 1 billion 400 million AMD. It is foreseen to be completed by March 2011, after which the mother channel will be completely rehabilitated.

A. Gevorgyan persuaded to put emphasis on the quality and to hold the schedule.

After his visit to Armavir Deputy Prime Minister accompanied by general executive director of “MCC – Armenia” SNCO A. Hovsepyan left for Ararat region where he acquainted with working process of rehabilitation and renovation of pumping stations in Ranchpar, Mkhchyan and Baghramyan communities implemented within the frames of “Millennium Challenge Account - Armenia”.

It is foreseen to complete the rehabilitation works in the spring 2011. 40 per cent of construction of “Ranchpar” pumping station is already done, nearly 50 per cent of “Mkhchyan 1” and 60 per cent of Baghramyan pumping station. Deputy Prime Minister was informed that problems arisen during the reconstruction of Bahgrmayan pumping station resulted of sand-hunt knot, and to the attention of the constructing companies has already been presented new, more efficient project solutions. Deputy prime Minister persuaded to sum up project solutions within a 10 day period and to implement works in accordance with them.

A. Gevorgyan expressed his hope that the works will be completed in a due time and with the help of renovated pumping stations it will be possible to organize coming irrigation period more efficiently.

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