RA Deputy Prime Minister was Introduced to Process of Programs Implemented by MCA in the Irrigation System

00:00 / 17.11.2010

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan today received resident country director for Armenian programs of “Millennium Challenge” corporation Alex Rassin and general director of “Millennium Challenge Fund – Armenia” SNCO Ara Hovsepyan.

During the meeting the process of rehabilitation program of pumping stations, tertiary canals and drainage systems implemented by “Millennium Challenge Fund” in the irrigation system were discussed. A. Rossin provided information about investigation implemented recently by workgroup of MCC engineers and declared that working process is currently continuing and that the brief results of investigation will be discussed with the Government after the third phase. It was mentioned that both Government and leadership of “MCA-Armenia” SNCO and directory of construction companies should take into account proposals made and take measures to implement and organize working process properly.

Deputy Prime Minister mentioned that Government attaches importance to qualitative and in time implementation of works and convinced that Government will continue to focus attention on the program process. He also expressed his willingness to assist in solution of problems arising currently.

A. Gevorgyan also informed that the Government together with National Assembly have initiated implementation of measures resulted in middle term strategies of state assistance for Water users companies. The legislative package realizing irrigation services rendered by Water users’ companies of VAT was accepted by first reading of the bill.

A. Rassin also informed that MCC approved the issue to hold a competition to acquire necessary equipments aimed at assisting WUCs. The competition is already announced and will be summed up in the first ten days in December.

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