RA Deputy Prime Minister Met with the Representatives of Armenian Community in Constantinople

00:00 / 11.11.2010

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan today visited Armenian patriarchate in Constantinople where he met with the representatives of the community of Constantinople i.e. heads of district councils, community figures and journalists of Armenian mass media.

Attaching importance to Armenian patriarchate’s role for uniting community A. Gevorgyan also emphasized special significance of historical community of Constantinople for Armenians.

Mentioning that Armenian community in Constantinople has always been an important hearth of national traditions, spiritual and cultural values for Diaspora Deputy Prime Minister attached importance to continuation of that tradition in future. He convinced that Armenia will always be besides compatriots therefore RA Ministry of Diaspora was established two years ago to devote more attention to Armenia-Diaspora relationships and to give them systemized character; the Ministry actively cooperates with Armenian colonies, carries out various programs and measures.

They also referred to life of community and issues disturbing population of the community. Deputy Prime Minister answered the questions of the presents that mainly related to Armenia-Diaspora relationships, programs implementing in Armenia, opportunities of providing assistance to the community.

Deputy Prime Minister also visited the Museum of Patriarchate, Church of Sent Mother of God in Constantinople and Pezchyan College. As well as they discussed issues related to keeping Armenian language alive and provision of literature and textbooks necessary for the educational institute.

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