00:00 / 02.11.2010

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minster of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan today acquainted with reconstruction works of Avshar-Aygevan pumping stations implemented within the frames of “Millennium Challenge Fund”. Deputy Prime Minster was accompanied by marzpet E. Barseghyan, general executive director of “Millennium Challenge Fund - Armenia” SNCO A. Hovsepyan.

Reconstruction and renovation of pumping stations have already launched; total volume of investments makes up 1.8 million dollar. Reconstruction work is foreseen to be completed by May 2011. Reconstructed pumping station will provide irrigation for nearly 100 hectare territory. Deputy prime Minister once again emphasized qualified and in time implementation of work and put importance on unfailing organization of coming irrigation period.

Within the frames of the visit paid A. Gevorgyan also acquainted with construction of deep lands, cleaning works of drainage system in Ararat valley. Within the frames of MCA “Infrastructures” component is also implemented project for reconstruction of drainage system of Ararat valley; these is mainly referred to cleaning and deepening of collectors, restoration of artesian wells, drilling of new wells, partial restoration of infra-sacrificial drainage system. It is expected that as a result of reconstruction of drainage system territories subjected to irritation will increase, level of underground water will be regulated, and risk for flooding of settlements will decrease. For system reconstruction it is provided 15, 5 million dollar investments, work have launched in the spring of current year and is expected to finish in July 2011.

Deputy Prime Minister will continue to pay visits to the regions to get acquainted onsite with reconstruction works of infrastructures of water system implemented within he frames of MCA program.

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