Agenda issues of session of Armenian-Egypt intergovernmental commission

00:00 / 29.10.2010

At RA Deputy Prime Minister, Co-Chair of Armenian-Egypt intergovernmental commission Armen Gevorgyan today was held a council with the participation of committee members of Armenian side. During the council were discussed issues on committee session agenda, as well issues related to project of session registration to be held in December in Yerevan. In accordance with Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ reference 6 documents’ projects were presented to Egyptian side that are to be signed within the frames of the session. They also referred to cooperation directions and it was registered that there are great opportunities of collaboration in the sphere of information technologies, science and culture.

Co-Chair of commission of Armenian side A. Gevorgyan charged the representatives of interested departments with a duty of presenting proposals to include in session agenda. He expressed his hope that bilateral interests, spheres of cooperation will be registered during the forthcoming session that will be followed by implementation of concrete steps. A. Gevorgyan also put importance on participation of businessmen and entrepreneurs in the international industrial exhibition of Cairo in 2011 that will create real opportunities to reveal new markets.

Division of public relations

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