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Today during the counsel with the participation of marzpets RA Minister of Agriculture G. Alaverdyan presented to the attention of RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan information on grape’s procurement process. It was mentioned that by October 26 was procured 134 794 ton grapes that made up 16 billion 766 million AMD; 66, 3 per cent of the whole or 11 billion 120 million is paid and 5 billion 645 million AMD is to be paid. Procurement companies the rest of the debt foresees to pay by the end of the year. First procurement price was 124,4 AMD compared with 115,4 AMD of the previous year. Marzpets also presented information on procurement process in their regions. Deputy Prime Minister persuaded to make payments in accordance with terms as agreed with vine-growers. It was registered that procurement was implemented on the basis of mutual agreements between agriculture economies and procurement organizations and no dissatisfaction was observed concerning price paid for grapes’ quality. Grapes of high quality and sugar content were procured at a high price and low quality grapes in accordance with mutual agreement.

RA Minister of Labor and Social Affaires A. Grgoryan presented to the attention of marzpets “Conceptual approaches of structural and functional model of common system of provision of integrated social services”, changes resulted, as well as issue of provision of services in corresponding territories in the case of model acceptance. Deputy Prime Mnister proposed to organize a discussion on the document with corresponding deputy marzpets as they foresee structural amendments. Marzpets were also charged to discuss the issue on services of opportunities for provision of house conditions in a short space of time.

They also touched upon estimation of roadway of community importance and cartography process. RA Minister of Transport and Communication H. Beglaryan informed that they have received and summed up information on construction of roadways of primary importance. They also put importance on implementation of on site expertise carried out by the specialists of “Hayavtochan” with the participation of coworkers of Marzpetaran. Deputy Prime Minister charged marzpets to present additional information within a week if necessary. And RA Ministry of Transport and Communication was charged with a duty of presenting a complete document containing professional estimation.

General executive director of “Millennium Challenge Armenia” SNCO A. Hovsepyan referred to issue of participation of communities in the program of third category channel’s reconstruction. He also informed that in a number of communities, which channel reconstruction projects are ready there are financial problems. Deputy prime Minister charged marzpets to collaborate with heads of communities for payments of necessary financial provision in terms agreed as delay will put under suspicion not only the reconstruction of channel of the present community but also implementation of the whole program. They also came to the agreement to present to communities and approve projects of elaboration phase by October 10 after which communities should implement co finance in a short space of time. Marzpets convinced that with the exception of 1-2 cases the communities undertaken obligation will implement co finance in terms foreseen or little delayed.

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