00:00 / 06.10.2010

RA Deputy Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration today received WB Mission headed by head of the committion coordinating Armenian water sphere, Ahmed Ihveida, Minister of Trade and Economic Issues N. Yeritsyan, Deputy Minister of Finance V. Aramyan, the Head of State Water Committee A. Andreasyan.

During the meeting were discussed the research results on water supply and drainage system implemented by WB.
The research was implemented to order of RA Government on the purpose of presenting consultation on key issues of strategic policy in the water sphere in Yerevan.

As well were discussed issues related to further management of water supply and drainage system, particularly the emphasis was put on the prolongation or rent of current treaty of “Hayjrmughkoyughy” company. WB proposes three agreement models for the purpose of rent. The differences of the proposals are defined by State and Private Sector possible investments ratio.

In order to organize the competition properly, three different sectors for development sphere are presented with corresponding terms and required volume of investments.

According to WB researchers it is necessary 125 million US dollar investment for the implementation of essential works for the next 5 years in the water supply system on the territory of serviced by “Hayjrmugh” company.

Head of the Commission coordinating of Armenian water sphere, Ahmed Ihveida informed that Euopean Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Asian Development Bank are interested in water sphere of Armenia and are willing to make investments. The co finance is also possible.

Deputy Prime Minister mentioned that the Government attaches importance of high-quality service in the sphere of water supply, mentioning at the same time that it will be possible to raise the rate parallel to increase of population income.
A. Gevorgyan put emphasis on competitive organization of the competition, and the condition of participation of maximum number of operators.

During the meeting the participants discussed proposed treaty obligations, rate policy, and a number of issues on possible Governmental subsidies.

Taking into account that current agreement of “Hayjrmughkoyughy” company terminates in October 2011 and it is necessary to come to the agreement for the further steps, it was decided to discuss the WB proposals during a month on the purpose of clarifying final position of RA Government.

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