Presentation of report on expansion of opportunities of “Center of Stat Monitoring of Forestry” SNCO to the RA Prime Minister

00:00 / 28.09.2010

To the attention of RA PM, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgian today has been presented the report on activities, expansion, opportunities of “Center of State Monitoring of Forestry” SNCO (State Non Commercial Organization ) by the Ministry of Agriculture that was prepared by the advisor selected for the “Grant for Strengthening the Monitoring of Forestry” program. RA Minister of Agriculture G. Alaverdyan, deputy minister of Nature Protection S. Papyan and the representatives of World Bank and “Hayantar” SNCO also participated.

In the present document were pointed out the existing issues, as well as were presented proposals related to these issues. From the point of view of increasing activity efficiency the application of new methods proposed by the international organizations, and cooperation with State Bodies are of great importance.

The Prime Minister ordered to represent the document to all the interested bodies and organizations with the hope to receive remarks and proposals, after which will be discussed possibilities of implementation of proposed solutions. A. Gevorgyan also ordered to translate and put in official sites of State bodies to make it available for the society and for the discussions.

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