Session of the RA Council on Trafficking (human exploitation) Issues was held

00:00 / 28.07.2010

On 27 July RA Deputy PM, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan held the regular session of the RA Council on Trafficking Issues.

The Council approved the report on the activities implemented in the direction of trafficking combat in the RA, which will be presented to the RA Government. Presenting the report, head of the working group adjunct to the council Dzuinik Aghadjanyan informed that package of suggestions on making changes in the RA Criminal Code, drafted by the working group, was submitted to the RA Government reporting period. The abovementioned package is aimed at making the RA Criminal Code correspondent to the international conventions ratified by the RA. The document was approved by the government and was presented to the National Assembly. Changes related to the decision of the RA Government “On free of charge medical help and service guaranteed by the state” was also attached importance. According to the change trafficking victims were included in the list of socially needy and separate groups of population. Measures and activities implemented by NGO-s and state structures were also presented. It was noted that prevention of possible cases of children’s trafficking was attached great importance; joint projects and surveys were carried out by NGO-s and state structures, the results of which were presented to the public.

The council discussed and approved draft of a three-year National Programme organizing combat against trafficking in human beings in the Republic of Armenia in 2010-2012, which will be presented to the RA government in near future. Problems revealed during implementation of National Programme on organizing combat against trafficking in human beings in 2007-2009, as well as results of joint discussions held with NGO-s and international organizations in the framework of working group and surveys were taken into consideration while elaborating the National Programme. Implementation of a number of socio-economic projects is envisaged by the draft, as poverty and unemployment is considered to be a factor contributing to trafficking. Different measures directed towards public awareness, raising role of mass media in organizing combat against trafficking, strengthening collaboration with international and regional organizations are also envisaged.

Chairman of the Council A. Gevorgyan suggested that the suggestions should be transferred to the working group before submitting them to the government.

Results of the survey entitled “Outgoing labour migration from Armenia in 2008-2009. Analysis of labour migration tendencies and migration experiences" were also presented during t session. According to the head of the census and demography division of the RA National Statistical Service Karine Kuyumjyan surveys conducted in November- December 2009 showed that there were returned migrants in 1013 households out of 5309 ones, their total number has made up 1106. According to the joint action plan of ILO (International Labour Organization) and the NSA the database, formed in the result of survey, was given to the national expert of the ILO, who conducted the data analysis, and presented main tendencies of labour migration in 2008-2009 to the council.

A. Gevorgyan thanked for the work done and noted the analysis would be useful for all the interested bodies and organizations. After generalization of the results he attached importance to transparency and suggested the authors should work in that direction.

Head of the State Migration Service of the RA MTA Gagik Yeganyan informed that according to the schedule drafted by CoE GRETA working group Armenia will present its national report not in 2010 as it was envisaged, but in 2011.

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