Semi-annual Indices on Community Budgets’ Incomes of the RA marzes were Presented

00:00 / 20.07.2010

Press-conference of First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration Vache Terteryan was held today. Semi-annual indices on community budgets’ incomes of the RA marzes were presented.

on Community Budgets’ Incomes as of 01.07.2010

According to the reports, provided by the RA marzpetarans and Yerevan city hall, factual earnings of community budgets have made up 37,689,059 thousand AMD (91,2% execution) instead of envisaged 41,341,094 thousand AMD. Earnings of administrative budget have made up 37,110,650 thousand AMD, earnings of fund budget - 965,286 thousand AMD. Collection level has increased by 69, 2% or 15,417,135 thousand AMD (16, 9% or 2,444,792 thousand AMD, with the exception of Yerevan) in comparison with the corresponding indices of 2009.
See the tables on indices, inserted on the site.

Issue related to budget planning of the communities has been in the centre of the ministry’s attention. The RA Ministry of Territorial Administration constantly implements activities towards clarification of planned performances. It can be mentioned that the budgets have become more realistic in the result of activities implemented.

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