Meeting held by the RA Deputy Prime Minister

00:00 / 14.02.2009

Today the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan held a meeting. Issues regarding formation of community budgets and affirming of orders, as well as rising the level of administrative efficiency were discussed at the meeting.

Head of the RA Traffic Police and president of Communities Finance Officers Association were also invited to the meeting.

The issue regarding striking off the register transport vehicles registered with old state numbers was touched upon.

The RA Traffic Police has already made up a list of transport vehicles registered with old state numbers according to communities. At the same time the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration worked out the RA Draft Law "On making changes in the RA Law "On Property tax" . According to this draft law it is envisaged to prolong the term of vehicle rejection 08 till December 31, 2010.

RA Deputy Prime Minister assigned marzpets to clarify databases of property registation based on lists provided by the RA Traffic Police as soon as possible. In the resulf of this the communities will have an opportunity to make up more realistic budgets, especially regarding profit gaining part.

RA Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan noted than budgets of about 370 communities were not affirmed in proper time and the prescribed order was broken. These are communities of Aragatsotn, Ararat, Geghaquniq and Shirak marzes. The marzpets were assigned to organize the actiities in order to have the budgets for next year affirmed till December 20.

RA Deputy Prime Minister assigned to speed up the process of accepting and clarifying bases of land tax, provided by the RA State Revenue Committee and finish it at the end of the first quarter.

While discussing the results formation and execution of communities' budgets the RA Deputy Prime Minister informed marzpets that the working group of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration would start the study of structure of salary debts (more than 5 millon) of the communities during previous years. The debts will be taken into consideration while evaluating the work of marzpets.

Arreas with teachers' salaries payment for January, 2009 was subject of special attention during the meeting. Armen Gevorgyan demanded to exclude such working style, moreover when necessary funds were allocated from the state budget in set date. RA Deputy Prime Minister noted that such situation is the result of insufficient administration.

The issue regarding working out similar structure for marzpetarans was also touched upon. RA Deputy Prime Minister assigned the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration to work out a version of more effective structure of marzpetaran jointly with marzpets, taking into consideration marzpets' suggestions and the version drafted by DFID.

RA Deputy Prime Minister informed about the schedule of organizing exit sessions of the RA Government. Exit sessions will be held in March, June, September and December correspondingly in Kotayq, Syuniq, Lory and Armavir.

Issue connected with cleaning the garbage from nearby territories of roads of republican and intercommunity importance was raised during the meeting. Armen Gevorgyan assigned to take all the necessary measures and organize garbage cleaning.

The issues regarding raising productivity of marzpets’ administrative supervision, the order of middle term projects’ presenting, protection of cultural monuments, as well as training of workers dealing with cultural issues were touched upon.

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