Discussions in Aragatsotn marz

00:00 / 13.02.2009

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan visited Aragatsotn marz in order to discuss on the spot the results of collection of own incomes of communities, as well as projects, being implemented in other spheres, as well as current issues.

During the meeting, held in Ashtarak, Deputy Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction on collection of own incomes in comparison with other marzes. At the same time it was assigned not to satisfy with the gained results and raise the level of incomes’ collection.

It was assigned to focus on liquidation of salary debts, accumulated during previous years. It was suggested studying the structure of salary debts, accumulated during previous years, and their correspondence to reality with the representatives of ministry of territorial administration.

Deputy Prime Minister informed that results of own incomes' collection would be taken into consideration by the RA Governmnet while funding capital expenditures in marzes.

He also informed that the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration initiated discussion of the package on necessary legislative changes. According to these chages it is envisaged to extend possibilities of the heads of LSG in the direction of own incomes' collection. Heads of comunities will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with this package in near future.

RA Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan said that he had a meeting with participation of officals of entities dealing with issues connected with collection of property tax on transport vehicle. Corresponding assignments were given to solve administrative and legal issues.

Those present were also informed about the list of vehicle, which were subject to taxation, but unfit for exploitation and not existing vehicles, which was worked out by the RA Police. Тhe list will help registering and recording body to strike the vehicles off the register.

Armen Gevorgayn attached importance to the issues regarding spring agricultural activities and irrigation season.

A number of issues, raised by the heads of communities were also touched upon.

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