The issues of unauthorized buildings on the agenda

00:00 / 11.02.2009

Today the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan had a regular meeting with working group drafting a concept on addressing problems of unauthoriesd buildings.

Deputy Prime Minister was presented with current issues of the field, particularly volumes of anuthorized buildings and administartive shortcomings, demanding complex legislative solutions.

Armen Gevorgyan assigned presenting questions drafted by the working group to the discussion of interested entities. He also suggested organizing activities in a new format, that is to set up a committee, which would give solutions to the issues regarding unauthorized buildings in the RA , the committee would consist of NGO representatives and highly qualified specialists of the above mentioned field.

The committee will work out complex solutions for addressing the issue on unauthorized buildings. It is envisaged to carry out the activities in a transparent manner by providing maximum participation of the society in giving solution to these issues.

Division of Public Relations

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