Irrigation season is near, discussion at the Deputy Prime Minister’s office

00:00 / 06.02.2009

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan held a meeting. The chairman of Water State Committee of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration heads of Jrar and Jur water consumers' companies (WCC) were present at the meeting.

The activities carried out in the irrigation system in 2008, activities to be done in 2009, as well as current problems were discussed during the meeting.

It was noted that water payments amounting 3 billion 442 million AMD or 67,6 % were collected in 2008. Though the sum has increased by 600 million in comparison with the previous year, the collection of payments has increased only by one percent compared with 2007.

The issue of "hidden lands" was also touched upon. While according to own agreements, water consuming plans and funding flows approximately 130 thousand hectare or less than 63, 7 thousand hectare are irrigated. According to site surveys conducted by the State Water Committee of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration it became obvious that there are lands, being irrigated, but payments for these lands are not collected.

The heads of WCC were assigned to exclude such cases in 2009. It was also assigned to conclude agreements with all water consumers before the irrigation season. Land area, the type of processing crop and other data must be included in the agreement.

The chairman of the Water State Committee of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration demanded from the heads of WCC to calculate the payments not according to the irrigated hectares, but according to cubic metre of used water.

It was suggested to set up an interdepartmental committee on prevention of water loses, which will include representatives of the RA Ministry of Agriculture, State Revenue Committee, Water State Committee of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration of the RA and corresponding marzpetarans.

Armen Gevorgyan approved the suggestion of the RA Deputy Prime Minister.

As it was presented a new computer program installed in 17 WCC-ies enabled to create database with the help of data provided by the RA State Revenue Committee. The database includes digital plans of lands, land owners, landholders, location of lands, size, type of the crops, etc. All these will enable to calculate real losses, payments and debts for the irrigation water.

RA Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan assigned to introduce this program in all WCC-ies in 2009, and at the same time to help heads of WCC-ies on gaining correspondent abilities for working with this program.

Deputy Prime Minister attached great importance to the issue of collection payments (1 billion 550 million AMD) of previous year. It was assigned to deal with this issue seriously. Ha said that WCC-ies would be granted subsidies based on collected payments.

At the same time he informed that identification mechanisms of backing were being worked in order to help not to WCC-ies, but to processing households or farmers.

Deputy Prime Minister assigned to start preparations for irrigation season. A task was given on paying attention to careful usage of water for decreasing water income from Sevan .

While talking about careful usage of water he mentioned that the RA Government is ready to support those agricultural households, wishing to introduce new irrigation technologies.

RA Deputy Prime Minister inquired about situation of reservoirs, as well as current issues of the system.

He demanded using all opportunities in order to provide sufficient water supply with the available resources, for all the consumers receive necessary quantity of water during irrigation season. At the same time he assigned to work in transparent manner and collect payments from all water consumers.

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