The first session of the board adjunct to the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration

00:00 / 02.02.2009

The first session of the board adjunct to the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration took place today.

The Board consists of the RA Minister of Territorial Administration, deputy ministers, heads of the NGO-s and specialized organizations, dealing with the sphere.

The agenda of the first session was saturated enough. Taking into account the importance of the issues put on the agenda all the marzpets, representatives of other state bodies were invited to the session.

Opening the session of the board the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administartion Armen Gevorgyan emphasised that establishment of the board would contribute to the discussions to become more coordinated, as well as it would serve as a new cooperation platform with NGO-s.

The First Deputy Minister of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration Vache Terteryan presented the generalized report on the activities of ministry of 2008, as well as activities proceeding from priority issues. A number of approaches on balanced development of territories, proceeding from the policy pursed by the RA government, were also presented.

It was noted that the RA Draft Laws “On Local Self-Government in the City of Yerevan", "On Local Taxes” and "On Financial Equalization" were worked out, it was also added that it was difficult to overestimate the importance of the above-mentioned documents in formation and development of LSG system.

The RA Government adopted the Concepts "On working out and realization of the development projects of the RA marzes(regions)" and "On formation of intercomunity units and enlargement of communities", drafted by the ministry.

The system of community service has been established. It was reported that in this sense the obligations undertaken before the Council of Europe had been implemented effectively.

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration drew the attention of the ministry staff to the fact that they didn't manage to complete the activities on drafting regulations on implementation of state delegated and obligatory authorizations of the community heads and adopting activities.

It was assigned to hold the discussions on drafted legal acts as soon as possible and circulate them in the prescribed order.

The RA Draft Law "On unification of lands” was discussed with participation of the authors, which were representatives of State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre adjunct to the RA Government. The pilot project implemented in Kotayq marz was positively evaluated by the European bodies.

The draft law was preliminary discussed in marzpetarans. Suggestions were received from Kotayq and Lory.

It was noted that taking into account the international experience the unification of lands is a long-lasting and expensive process and it would be right to draft a concept, not a law. The Deputy Minister stressed that the legislation in force did not prevent those functions. He suggested discussing all the considerations with diferrent bodies and come to general solution.

Rendering of notarial attestations and execution of state documents was attached importance.

The board adjunct to the RA Minister discussed the suggestions regarding provision the communities with fertilizer for them to start agricultural activities. The RA Deputy Minister of Agriculture presented the received suggestions.

Deputy Prime Minister assigned marzpets to obtain final arrangements for providing the communities with necessary quantity of fertilizer in two-three days.

The RA Draft Law "On providing tax benefits to those paying taxes for agricultural lands " was discussed in details. Suggestions were made by the representatives of Shirak marz. The Department of Local Self Government of the staff of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Republican Association of the RA Communities presented alternative suggestions.

As it was decided during the discussion the given law could be used during clarification of tax bases. It was suggested to implement the law in the communities, where, according to estimation of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration, those bases would be clarified and established.

Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan stressed that it would be a stimulus for communities to deal with the issue regarding bases’ establishment. He suggested generalizing the concerns and hand them to the authors of the draft. The chairman of the Water State Committee of the RA MTA presented schemes of marzes, envisaged for enlargement of water consuming companies (WCC). It was noted that operating WCC strictly differed in operating volumes. Such WCC-ies would be united according to presented schemes.

Deputy Prime Minister noted that it was aimed at creating a workable system, which would be easily controlled. It was assigned to clarify the activities to be done in the other marzes, as well as the chairman of the State Water Committee to visit the marzes personally and study the issues regarding irrigation, and give possible solutions. It was decided to conduct meetings with heads of WCC-ies during marz visits.

Annual reports on realization of budgets of communities were also discussed. It was noted that despite the fact that level of land and property tax raised by 12, 4 %, but the results were far from being satisfactory.

Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan assigned to pay the debts of own incomes of 2008 till May the 1st, but not at the expense of 2009. He underlined once again that due to the principle pursed by the RA Government the level of collection of own incomes of the given marz would be taken into consideration while funding the projects.

It was noted that there were state officials among those, not paying land and property taxes. It was assigned to present the list of those from marzpetrans’ staffs, who did not fulfill their tax responsibilities.

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