Visit to Shirak marz

00:00 / 30.01.2009

The RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan visited Shirak marz in order to acquaint himself with the projects implemented in the field of urban development and current issues of the marz. During the working meeting in Gyumri Deputy Prime Minister was presented the results of construction in disaster zone, which was started previous year, as well as activities to be done in 2009.

The RA Government projects directed towards provision of housing to the families, left without housing because of the earthquake, were also discussed.

It was reported that the company, which was recognized a winner during the final tender on January 9, would implement construction activities in the rural settlements of the disaster zone and in Spitak. Disassembling works had alredy started in Ani and Mush-2 districts of Gyumri. Armen Gevorgyan suggested starting activities earlier as the weather conditions were favourable.

Deputy Prime Minister assigned the RA Ministry of Urban Development and heads of communities to clarify once again the lists of families left without housing because of the eartquake. At the same time it was assigned to clarify the lists of those families, wishing to be provided with house certificates during 2009 and present it to the RA Government.

RA Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan drew the attention of the mayors of big towns and staff of marzpetaran to collection of own incomes, especially to the indicators of land and property taxes.

Deputy Prime Minister assigned to do the utmost to raise the level of collection of own incomes . He informed that the RA Government would take into account the level of collection of own profits of the given marz while funding projects.

The issues regarding allocation and funding of construction of Gyumri cultural centres, e.g. a library, an art gallery, a puppet show, as well as providing legal status to a historical and cultural museum -reserve Kumairi were also touched upon.

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