RA Deputy Prime Minister received Director General of "Hayjrmughkoughi” CJSC Patrick Loren

00:00 / 27.01.2009

Today the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan received the Director General of “HayJrmughkoyughi” CJSC Patrick Loren and inquired about the achievements, as well as current problems.

Patrick Loren said that the WB investment projects envisaged by the first stage were implemented during 2008. The company managed to collect 2, 7 billion AMD. The quality of the water provided had been improved, and the average duration of water supply had been added for an hour. The company installed 70 kilometers of pipe-lines both through the WB’s funding and its own investments.

He informed that it was envisaged to purchase machinery and equipment in the framework of the WB second program, which costed 20million USD, as well as to improve water supply of Hrazdan town.

The company has already launched investment programs of 36 million USD, funded by the Asian Development Bank. The programs on improvement of water supply in those settlments, which were not implemented in the framework of the WB first investment program, will be included in them. Credit loan programs of 12 million EUR, funded by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, will be also implemented.

Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that improvement of water supply was one of the important spheres for the RA Government, and that there was much to be done in this field. He also noted that the issues connected with quality of water and duration of water supply had been often brought up during his visits to marzes.

Improvement of water supply of about 500 communities of the republic, which were operated neither by “HayJrmughkoyughi” CJSC nor by other company, was discussed during the meeting. It was decided to take the necessary measures in order water supply in communities to be implemented by specialized companies.

The issues regarding drafting a mechanism for paying the debts for water, used by population during previous years, were also discussed.

Deputy Prime Minister expressed a hope that 2009 would be more productive year as the preconditions for it were available.

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