RA Deputy Prime Minister received the WB delegation

00:00 / 27.01.2009

Yesterday the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan received the WB delegation headed by Deputy Chairman of Europe and Central Asia region Shiger Catsu. The delegation consisted of the newly appointed Regional Director of the South Caucuses of the WB Asad Alam, former director Donna Dauset-Koirolo, head of the WB Yerevan office Aristome Varoudakis. The Chairman of the Water State Committee of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration A. Andreasyan also participated in the meeting.

Deputy Prime Minister thanked Donna Dauset-Koirolo for effective joint activities and expressed a hope that the cooperation established would continue in near future. Armen Gevorgyan said that they their aims were ambitious and in his opinion the cooperation directed towards implementation of the activities would continue.

The issues regarding ratification of additional financial loan on the project on community water supply and sanitation, projects in the field of irrigation and potable water funded by the WB, capacity building of LSGB, struggle against illegal deforestation were discussed during the meeting.

RA Deputy Prime Minister noted that the Armenian party does its utmost to sign the agreement on additional loan for the project on community water supply and sanitation as soon as possible. Armen Gevorgyan stressed that there was much to be done both in the field of potable and irrigation water despite of the improvement of water supply in Yerevan and neighboring regions. The irrigation system has remained one of the main investment targets for the RA Government.

The WB Deputy Chairman of Europe and Central Asia region assured that the above-mentioned issues would be discussed while drafting the new strategy of the WB.

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