RA Deputy Prime Minister met the Regional Head of the South Caucasus of the World Bank

00:00 / 04.10.2008

RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Airmen Gevorgyan and regional head of the South Caucuses of the WB Donna Dauset-Koirolo, discussed the issues connected with implementation of the projects implemented with support of the WB, as well as issues regarding future cooperation. The head of the WB Yerevan office Aristome Varoudakis and other representatives of the WB were also present at the meeting, which was held on October 3.

RA Deputy Prime Minister noted that as a result of quite effective cooperation a huge work had been done during recent years.

"I know that a lot of work had been done with my colleaguess in different spheres connected with territorial administrtaion. Now we are trying to understand which are the spheres of strategic priority, with a view of focusing our attention on these very issues for the next four yeras ", - said Donna Dauset-Koirolo.

She noted that drafts of the new projects to be implemented in Armenia would be presented to the Board of Directors of the WB for discussion.

Then she inquired which were the prioriry issues of territorial administartion.

RA Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that harmonized regional development was attached great importance by the Program of Governement and activities and presented several directions of its implementation. He spoke about the importance of keeping the issues in the center of attention of both society and whole government system, as well as issues connected with system and legislative reforms, improving life in marzes (supplying with water and gas, road and scholl construction) and other issues.

He presented current difficulties, assuring, that they were not hindering the implemenattion of projects.

Attaching importance to the projects mplemented by the WB in the spherese of water supply, healthcare and others, RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan expressed a hope that the continuation of the above-mentioned projects would be ensured

RA Deputy Prime Minister expressed his opinion about the activities of Social Investments Fund. He said that it had a lot to do during several years. He attached importance particularly to the mechanism of the implemenattion of activities of Social Investments Fund, according to which community would have participation of 10 per cent. This stimulates the communities to collect their own incomes. This fund implements such projects, which the state neither has any opportunity, nor is obliged to implement. He also stressed that the community itself chose issues of the first priority.

Then he clarified some questions asked by Donna Dauset-Koirolo.

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