Issues of social services were discussed

00:00 / 11.09.2008

The RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan held a meeting. The RA Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Minister of Finance, representatives of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and other ministries participated in the meeting.

A number of issues regarding social security services were discussed.

Certain issues connected with current system of family pension were subject of discussion.

Family need assessment, processes of family pension, process of collection of the necessary documents, mechanisms of decreasing corruption risks in this field and other issues were also discussed.

It was noted that the current system must be both improved and simplified. At the same time it was emphasized that all dissatisfactions were the result of lack of information. In this case the transparency of the system was attached great importance. It was noted once more that the heads of communities should use those services more for implementation of the social projects.

The attention of marzpets was drawn to the fact that the services of social security were assigned to reveal the shortcomings of their system and eliminate them by themselves till October the first.

It was decided that the RA Ministry of Labour ad Social Affairs will conduct necessary analytical activities and will present corresponding suggestions with the view of improving the current system and activities directed towards preventing possible violations.

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