RA Draft Law "On Financial Equalization "has been presented

00:00 / 05.09.2008

The RA Draft Law "On Financial Equalization” has been presented today in the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and has been approved by the RA Government.

The First Deputy Minister of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration Vache Terteryan and president of Communities Finance Officers Association Vahan Movsisyan presented advantages of the new law.

It was noted that in comparison with the formula, stipulated by the current law, envisaged for fair allocation of the dotation given to the commuities by the state, a number of indicators, which were not drawn attention in the past, had been taken into consideration in the new one.

Among them are the following: highland communities, availability of transport distance from community to the capital, centers of marzes and regions.

Number of community population, even age structure( the number of those who are not 16 yet, as well as those who are unemployed and who are pensioners) are also taken into consideration. According to the new law the quality of community services are also paid attention during calculation of dotations.

Vache Terteryan and Vahan Movsisyan answered to journalists' questions.

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