School N 3 has been put into operation

00:00 / 29.08.2008

Today the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration, Head of the administrative board of "Lincy" foundation Armen Gevorgyan has participated in the opening of school N3.

The school, which was built 40 years ago, was reconstructed by the financial means of "Lincy" foundation. Now the school has new subsidiary buildings for classes, including a gym and a hall.

The reconstruction started in February 2007. In the result the building was brought into conformity with the demands of 12-year school. The areas for rest were broadened; the division into junior, middle and senior flows was also done. Now the school has new, comfortable classrooms, equipped laboratories, a medical center, a library, a strategy room, entries for disabled children, exits and other conveniences.

The school was furnished and equipped with modern means. There are bathrooms with hot water near the gym's cloak rooms. The school also has its own system of local heating.

1080 pupils will study in the school N3 of Martuni after the reconstruction.

The area adjacent to the school has also changed. The territory is fenced and has been put into new order. It has sports ground, rest areas and running track.

The school is also provided with safety, fire-control, bell and watch systems, radio net. The school has its corner of state symbols.

As it was said during the opening such opportunities give a unique opportunity to study well.

Then RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan visited Aygut village together with Governor of Gegharquniq region and Deputy Minister of Urban Development. This village is populated with refugees. Only last year 30 births were registered in this region.

Armen Gevorgyan familiarized himself with the situation of 30 houses situated in land slide area and commissioned the RA Ministry of Urban Development to present suggestions for giving solution to the current problem.

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