Urgent and vital issues were discussed with RA Deputy Prime Minister

00:00 / 26.08.2008

Today the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan has held a meeting. Ministers of Urban Development, Education and Science, Environmental Protection, the first deputy of the RA Minister of Finance, mayor of Yerevan, all marzpets, heads of education departments of Yerevan and marzes participated in the meeting.

A number of urgent and vital issues were discussed during the meeting. The situation of preparation to 2008-2009 school years was spoken about. It was ordered to concentrate all the efforts in order to complete all the preparation activities before the first of September. D

uring the discussion a very strict approach was shown towards the issue of debt of the salaries of previous years. The marzpets were demanded to be more consistent and fastidious in this direction.

The issue of fee collection for irrigation water was also discussed. The RA Deputy Prime Minister charged the marzpets to continue showing fare approach in fee collection and to punish those abusing their position according to the law.

Armen Gevorgyan informed that there would not be lack of irrigation water in Ararat valley taking into account the legislative amendment made by the RA National Assembly. At the same time State Water Committee of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration was charged to look after the environmental issues.

It was ordered to make an inventory of the pits for clarifying the effective utilization and fee collection of the irrigation water.

RA Deputy Prime Minister Armen Gevorgyan drew to the attention of the marzpets to the shortcomings of decisions and orders they make, as well as to of the delay of the deadlines of the commissions.

The work of social services was also discussed. It was noted that the social service services are given time for disclosing their shortcomings and take correspondent measures to improve their work.

The supervision of the work of the social services will be set on 1 October and those violating it will be punished,

The elections of local self government bodies to be held in marzes were also discussed.

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