The RA Deputy Prime Minister familiarzied himself with the school reconstruction implemented by means of the "Lincy " Foundation

00:00 / 08.07.2008

Today the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration, head of administration board of ”Lincy ” foundation Armen Gevorgyan visited school No.3 of Martuni and school No. 168 in Achapniak community of Yerevan.

School No. 3 of Martuni is reconstructed and cosmetic repairs are in the process. Deputy Prime Minister ordered to speed up the construction with the aim of putting it into operation on September the 1st.

School No. 168 in Achapniak community will be ready for putting into operation. The construction works are already over. The school is reconstructed, the building corresponds to seismicity rules, and the cosmetic works are also over.

Both schools have local heating

The members of administration board of”Lincy” foundation joined the RA Deputy Prime Minister in the school No. 168 and held their regular session there. The members of the administration board of Lincy” foundations were satisfied with the works done.

The issues connected with school and road construction implemented by the means of foundation were also discussed. The activities implemented by of”School Construction” and ”Road Construction” were presented.

Head of administration board of”Lincy” foundation Armen Gevorgyan ordered to submit suggestions on real maintenance requirements of the schools.

In order to put into operation the highway which will connect Heratsi, Saralanj and Avetisian Streets the RA Deputy Prime Minister told to concentrate on the works done in the transport nodal point at the Bellagio Hotel.

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