The RA Deputy Prime-Minister Hovik Abrahamyan visited Lori Marz

00:00 / 20.11.2007

Today the RA Deputy Prime-Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration of the RA Hovik Abrahamyan visited some villages in Lori marz.

During his previous visit the RA Deputy Prime-Minister promised the country people to assist them in giving solution to the sore points, and today’s visit was aimed at observation of how the government projects were being implemented in the rural areas.

In 2007 the RA Government allocated 670 billion AMD to the construction of flats in villages. It is planned to build 75 flats in rural communities of Lori marz.

During his visit the RA Deputy Prime-Minister made sure that construction process of inner gas system was being carried out successfully.

H. Abrahamyan assured the country people that next year in the framework of the programme on improvement of welfare of people, carried out by the World Bank, the issues of drinking and irrigation water will be solved. It is planned to implement road-building and repairing activities of the highway leading to the villages.

There are some issues, which have not got their solution yet, such as provision of houses to the victims of 1988 earthquake. Though the policy, carried out by the Government is directed towards improvement of welfare of people, gives hope that the difficulties will be overcome, and we will have developed and competitive villages in future.

Anahit Haytayan

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