The Deputy Prime-Minister Received Mr. Paul Walers-the Head of the USA State Department of the Caucasus and Territorial Conflicts

00:00 / 14.09.2007

Today Hovik Abrahamyan, the RA Deputy Prime-Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration of the RA, received Mr. Paul Walers-the Head of the USA State Department of the Caucasus and Territorial Conflicts, USA Chargռ d’affaires Rudolf V. Perina, Vice-ambassador Jozef Penniktoun and Economic Officer IPR and Investment Issues Marko Velikonja.

Mr. Walers, who has recently started holding office as the head of the USA State Department of Caucasus and Territorial Conflicts, was in Armenia for the first time.

The RA Deputy Prime –Minister congratulated him and expressed hope that during his office he will contribute to the peaceful solution of the conflicts.

At the guests’ request the RA Deputy Prime-Minister presented the results of the elections held on 12 May, as well as positive estimate on organizing and carrying out of the elections, as well as ascertaining of the progress, made by the international observation missions.

He also affirmed that the Republican Party of Armenia, which has formed the majority in the parliament, will do its best for the forthcoming presidential elections to be held according to the international standards that is in democratic and transparent manner.

“We have both political will and enough ground for it. During the last years the Republican Party of Armenia with its activities and in the state of blockade managed to form the basis for making the economic process possible.. The ability to organize fair and just presidential elections is necessary not only for our country, but also for our people and eventually for the future president to be elected. It is important for him to raise the issues of our country in the world as a legitimate president, said the Deputy Prime-Minister”.

Rudolf V. Perina, USA Chargռ d'affaires, reaffirmed that the progress in Armenia is on hand and the only thing to do is to look through the window in order to see it.

At the same time it was mentioned that Washington and the whole world will be observing the forthcoming elections.

“We are ready to help Armenia in organizing the elections said Rudolf V. Perina.

Both sides gave great importance to the forthcoming visit of the RA Prime-Minister to Washington, which might be a step forward to the mutual cooperation

Division of Public Relations of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration

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