"Service of the Hydrometeorology and Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena" SNCO

Historical Overview

V century - Mauses Khorenatsi described the climate of Armenian landscape.
VII century - Anania Shirakatsi described the movement of clouds and the weather changes.
XIX century - Khachatur Abovyan described the climate of Yerevan
1843 y. - In Armenia was opened the first meteorological station (Aiexandropole)
1844 y. - It was opened a meteorological station in Yerevan
1856 y. - There were carried out hydrological researches and were made the first steps to calculate the owerall water amount in Lake Sevan
1885 y. - It was opened the meteorological station in Jalalogli (Stepanavan)
1889-1907 y. - There were carried out hydrological observations in Sevan Basin
1914 y. - 24 meteorological stations and 17 hydrological observation posts were functioning.
1921 y. - There was begun agrometeorological observations in Yerevan meteorological station.
1924 y. - It was founded a hydrometric service in Armenia water economy system.
1925 y. - It was founded a meteorological service near to National Commissar Council.
1926 y. - A bureau of hydrometeorological researches was founded on Lake Sevan.
1928 y. - In hydrometeorological bureau of Lake Sevan were carried out first actinometrical Observations.
1929 y. - The first high mountain meteorological station started functioning on mountain Aragats (3227 meter from sea surface)
1930 y.
• The hydrometeorological committee was founded by the decision of ASSR
• The meteorological service of aviation was began functioning.
1932 y. - The meteorological service of nforecast was founded.
1933 y. - The first aerological spherical observations were carried out.
1934 y. - It was opened the first aviameteorological station in the airoport of Yerevan.
1937 y. - The service of hydrological forecast was founded.
1938 y. - In Yerevan it was opened the first specialized agrometeorological station.
• It was published the first work on the climate of Armenia.
• It was published the first hydrological written statistics.
1939 y. - It was founded a self-financed organization of hydrological service (the bureau of calculations and information).
1940 y. - The committee was reunited into Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic Hydrometeorological administration.
1948 y. - First radiosounding.
1954 y. - It was opened “Yerevan-Arabkir” meteorological station.
1958 y. - It was founded state found department of hydrometeorological materials.
1961 y. - It was started observations of air, soil, snow, radioactive pollution.
1962 y. - The hydrometeorological observations network has achived its utmost amount – 82 meteorological stations, 46 meteorological and 163 hydrological observation posts were functioning.
1964 y. - It has began untihail works (group of Ashtarak)
1965 y. - It was opened the branch of Hydrometeorological Institute of Scientific Researches of Transcaucasus.
• The observations were carried out on the air and water chemical pollution:
1971 y. - It was started works connected with artificial athmosperic precipitations in the rRegion of Sevan.
1974 y. - It was installed the first automatic radiometeorological station in Khosrov Reserve.
1978 y. - It was started the state calculation of water resources, founded the State Water Committee.
1979 y. - The hydrometeorological service was reorganized into Armenian State Administration of Hydrometeorological and Enviromental control.
1992 y.
•Republic of Armenia joining Global Hydrometeological Organization Convetion is now a member of the organization.
• Based on the decision N382 of the Government of the Republic of Armenia of June 30, Department of Hydrometeorology and Control of Natural Environment has been renamed into Hydrometeorological Department under the Government of the RA.
•RA has signed an intergovernmental agreement with CSI countries concerning “ Cooperation in Hydrometeorological Sphere”.
1995 y. - There was installed RETIM-AEROMET French satellite system for receiving the graphical and analogical information.
1996 y. - " It was installed English SADIS system in Zvartnots avia-meteorological centre.
1997 y. - There was installed American "CLICOM" system for the research of climatological data and was founded the bank of hydrometeorological data.
1998 y. -
• It was installed the French “MESSIR-COMM” system for the exchange of information in the frame of WMO global telecommunication system.
• It was realized the receiving of information on the forecast of the state of geomagnetic field.
2000 y. -
• It was installed “Diacora II” aerological navigation satellite system.
• There were installed two tipes of systems for presentation of hydrometeorological.
• Information on TV/England/, for ozone research – Dobson spectophometer /Germany/.
2002 y. - As a result of the governing changes of the Republic of Armenia, Armstatehydromet was reorganized into “Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring agency” and “State hydrometeorological and monitoring service” State non commertial organization /SNCO/.
2004 y. - Based on June 3 Governmental decision N936-N of “Celebrating professional days of geologist, meteorologist, ecologist, land constructors and geodesists” March 23 has been decided to be celebrated as National Meteorologist Day.
2009 y. - On March 19 based on 2008 RA Govermental N 274-A decision of awarding for “Providing Product and Service Quality” “National Service of Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of RA” Non-profit governmental organization has received the annual RA Governmental Award.