"Service of the Hydrometeorology and Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena" SNCO

Main functions

• Provision of hydrometeorological services aimed at obtaining information on hydrometeorological phenomena and satisfying needs of public, state, governmental bodies and different physical and legal entities.

• Implementation of state activities to increase public and economic safety from dangerous hydrometeorological events, mitigation their impact within the territory of the RA.

• Provision of forecasts and observation data to the areas of national economy greatly dependent on whether events, to ensure their timely awareness and readiness.

• Implementation of activities according to international standards of hydrometeorological observations.

• Observations on air, surface waters, soil, crops, pastures , ozone layer, ultraviolet radiation, actinometrical and upper air stations, their data inventory and storage compilation of official forecasts and alerts.

• Implementation of state hydrometeorological programs within the RA.

• Study of water regime and routine of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, performing their state inventory, registry and state cadastre.

• Preparation operative information on hydrometeorological phenomena and potential dangers for population, national economy, environment, dissemination of real time and predicted parameters of those events.

• Establishment of basis for state information resources, foundation and operation of state hydrometeorological archive.

• Participation of elaboration of international and regional hydrometeorological programs of development of unified global systems of comprehensive information exchange.

• Settlement and calibration of special measure and control instrumentations and measuring devices.

• Study of Global Climate Change in the territory of the RA, assessment and forecast of vulnerability of different areas of economy as well as submission of suggestions to interested organizations.

• Participation of development of laws and legislative norms regulating or relating to hydrometeorological activities.

• Special meteorological services for aviation to enhance safety, efficiency and regularity of flights.

• Implementation of researches and applied scientific studies on hydrometeorology, development and improvement of methods of measurements and forecasts.