The inspection of the State fire and the technical security

Goals and Objectives

To meet its goals and objectives of the inspection is carried out a number of basic functions.

The fire safety regulations and technical requirements of the control over the implementation by public administration and local self-government bodies, organizations as well as by officials and citizens.

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and fire research organization in offices,residential buildings and cottages.

In accordance with the legislation of Armenia

Investigation of the issue concerning to the fire in accordance to the laws of the Republic of Armenia and the application of administrative sanctions.

Accounting analysis of the causes of fires and fires caused by the implementation of measures to eliminate the causes and conditions for the development

The prohibition of exploitation of establishments, separate workshops, departments,agregate, buildings in case of threat of fire or other accidents

Prohibition of the operation of a hazardous industrial object, prohibition of the operation of a seperate technical menas or technological equipment situated in a hazardous object made to diissolve orders

Giving a conclusion of project of settlements, buildings and constructions, basic repairing and repairing during the conflagration of normativ documents requirements using.