Crises Management State Academy of the Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia

About us

Crises Management State Academy is an educational and scientific state high educational institution.

In the Academy teach: one corresponding-member of pedagogical and social science academy of R.F., 5 doctors and professors, more than 40 aspirants and docents.

Academy activities are carried out in the following directions:

1. Higher and secondary specialized educational programs for professionals.
2. Training of leader-stuff and specialists, qualification rasing.
3. Fire-rescue training, qualification rasing.
4. Population training on confronting issues in emergency situations.
5. Performing scientific-methodological workshop.

Two-level trainings in higher educational programs in the following specialities.


Form of training:

- stationary education (4 years)
- correspondence education (5 years)
- Crises Management (qualification: Bachelor of Economics)
- Fire protection (qualification: Bachelor of Engineering)
- Civil protection (qualification: Bachelor of Engineering)
- Protection in emergency situations (qualification: Bachelor of Pedogogy)
- Rescue work (qualification: Bachelor of Engineering)
- Expluatation and aquipment of special transport and fire rescue equipment (qualification: Bachelor of Engineering)
- Management ((qualification: Bachelor of Management), (only Stationary education))

Entrance axams:

- Mathematics (oral)
- Armenian language (dictation)
- Geography of Armenia (interview)

“Fire protection” and “Rescue work” professions are pay-free (full stationary course)
Discount for the students working in the system of MES.


- Crises management (2,5 years, correspondence education)
- Rescue work (2 years, statioanary education)

Secondary educational programs in the following specialities.

Form of training:


- Fire protection (fire technician)
- Technical aquipment and expluatation of fire rescue equipment (technician)

Management (management in emergency situations), manager

- Educational background
- Secondary education (2 years)
- Basic education (3 years)

Excellent and well-qualifiied granduates can continue the education in undergranduate courses without entrance examinations passing only the interview.