Fire at “Geghama” restaurant complex 01:01 / 01.01.2014

On January 1, at 00.54 information was received that a fire broke out in “Geghama” restaurant complex, Yerevan. 8 fire brigades, the operative and ER groups of CMC and operative group of special rescue squad, 2 auto ladders left for the scene. The fire was isolated at 02.24 and extinguished at 02.43. The 1st floor and the wooden constructions of the roof of “Geghama” restaurant complex were completely burnt (500 sq. m.). {igallery...

Dead body 14:34 / 25.12.2013

26.12.2013 at 14.28 information was received that the driver in the truck near Kasakh village didn’t response. The help of rescuers was needed. A fire brigade and CMC operative group left for the scene. The rescuers opened the door of the “MAN ” with local numbers ZYG535 and found Z. A.’s (citizen of the Republic of Georgia, born in 1963) dead body.

Car accident on the highway Aparan-Quchak 01:28 / 25.12.2013

25.12.2013 at 00.30 an information was received that a car accident occurred on the interstate highway M-3, on the 4 th km of highway Aparan-Quchak. There is a victim and the help of rescuers is needed. A firefighting brigade was departed to the place of scene. It’s cleared up that the car “DAF” with local numbers IGI-086 run out from the road and tilt to side. The driver of the car Migishvili Janiko who got minor injuries, received first medical aid. There wasn’t need of hospitalization.

Car accident near Ushi village 12:58 / 18.12.2013

18.12.2013 at 12.35 an information was received that a car accident occurred near Ushi village on Ashtarak-Aparan highway, there is a need of rescuers. A firefighting brigade and the group of rescue squad of the center which caries out activities of special importance and the regional CMC operative group. It cleared that the cars “MAN ” with local numbers CE0129AC and the car “GAZEL” with local numbers 07ՕՕ154 collided and the driver of “Gazel ” died, the passenger was hospitalized at...

Firefighters help is needed 16:22 / 17.12.2013

17.12.2013, at 16.14 an emergency call was received that in Tigran Mets avenue-Kristapor street crossroad a citizen had fallen in Getar river. A fire brigade left for the scene. Firefighters brought out of the river about 40 year old man.

RTA in Kotayk Province 15:27 / 15.12.2013

15.12.2013, at 15.17 information was received that on a car accident had occurred near Hankavan village, Kotayk Province. There are victims. The help of rescuers is needed. A fire brigade left for the scene. It turned out that on the 12 th km of Tsaghkadzor-Aghavnadzor highway “Volkswagen Vento” with the license plate 24 ՍՏ 884 run off roadway and rolled over. As a result of RTA the driver G. M. and the passenger A. M. with injuries were hospitalized to the medical center...