RTA next to Proshyan village 00:00 / 01.02.2015

01.02.2015 at 04.28 an emergency call was received that the RTA occurred on highway Yerevan-Ashtarak next to Proshyan village

RTA on Tsarav Aghbyur street 00:00 / 01.02.2015

01.02.2015 at 01.15 an emergency call was received that the RTA occurred next to 55 buliding of Tsarav Aghbyur street

RTA on Yerevan-Sevan highway 00:00 / 26.01.2015

On Yerevan-Sevan highway “Nissan Teana” had run off roadway and rolled into a ravine

RTA in Charentsavan city 00:00 / 24.01.2015

RTA occurred near 20 building of Gay Street, city Charentsavan, region Kotayk

RTA on Gyulagarak-Gargar highway 19:56 / 18.01.2015

18.01.2015, at 19.41 information was received that a car accident had occurred on Gyulagarak-Gargar highway. There were casualties. The rescuers’ help was needed. A fire brigade left for the scene. It turned out that on the 4 th km of Stepanavan-Vanadzor highway “Mercedes” with the license plate 73 AA 737 had run off roadway and collided with a tree. The driver had been taken to the medical center of Stepanavan city. The firefighters administered first aid to the passenger. As...

The corpse was discovered 16:10 / 16.01.2015

16.01.2015 ta 16.05 the emergency call has been received, that the house 5 is on fire, in Mamikonian Street, Artashat city, Ararat Province. Two fire brigades left for the scene. Fire was isolated at 16.45, extinguished at 17.26. In portal lot of the house was discovered the corpse of Z.H. born in 1931. Partly was burnt the house of Z.H. (approximately 100qm) and the roof (approximately 50qm).