RTA on Martuny-Gavar highway 00:00 / 28.03.2015

The RTA occurred on Martuny-Gavar highway (20th km): there is a victims and the help of rescuers is needed...

The car fell into the pit 00:00 / 23.03.2015

ZIL” had run off roadway and fallen into the pit. There were no casualties...

Building elevator yanked and fell down 00:00 / 21.03.2015

1st building elevator fell down, of 2nd lane in Bashinjahgyan Street, Yerevan city...

RTA in Noragavit 00:00 / 19.03.2015

A car accident had occurred near Noragavit Road Police station base. There were casualties ...

Car accident in Leningradyan street 00:00 / 19.03.2015

Near “Dalma garden” mall from Leningradyan street to Tsitsernakaberd roadway a car accident occurred, there are casualties, help of rescuers is needed

RTA on Yerevan-Gyumri highway 00:00 / 17.03.2015

RTA occurred near Aroutch village on Yerevan-Gyumri highway