Corpse was found 21:56 / 01.06.2014

01.06.2014 at 22.33 an emergency call was received that the resident doesn’t react to the door knocks and phone calls of one of the apartments of 42/2 building, Arshakunyats avenue, Yerevan. The help of rescuers is needed to open the door. The fire-fighting brigade left for the scene. Firefighter-rescuers opened the apartment’s door and found the corpse of citizen (born in 1940).

RTA on the highway Yerevan-Charentsavan 17:50 / 01.06.2014

01.06.2014 at 18.30 an emergency call was received that the RTA occurred on the highway Yerevan-Charentsavan. The car run out from the road and collided with a tree. There help of rescuers is needed. A firefighting brigade was sent to the place of scene. It’s cleared up that the car «Opel Zafira» with l/n 35 SV 463 (driver H.F., born in 1985y.) run out from the road and collided with a tree on the 30th km of highway Yerevan-Charentsavan, because of what the tree was broken and...

Corpse was found 17:45 / 01.06.2014

01.06.2014 at 18.38 an alarm call was received that there was a dead body in Debed river, the help of rescuers was needed. Rescue squad was sent to the scene. The rescuers brought out the dead body of A.T. (born in 1989). *** 01.06.2014 at 17.17 information was received from the department of ES of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Georgia that a dead body was found (R.M., born in 1985, the citizen of the Republic of Armenia) in Debed river (near Akhlola...

RTA on Kapan-Chakaten highway 22:49 / 31.05.2014

31.05.2014, at 23.49 information was received that a car accident had occurred on Kapan-Chakaten highway (“KamAZ” had ran off roadway and fell into the canyon (approx. 30 meters)). There are casualties. The rescuers’ help is needed. A fire brigade left for the scene. It turned out on the 7th km of Kapan-Chakaten highway KamAZ” with the license plate 35 LP 302 had run off roadway and fallen into the canyon (approx. 15-20 meters). The firefighters took the passenger out of...

A car accident on Ashtarak-Echmiadzin highway 22:50 / 30.05.2014

31.05.2014 at 23.50 an information was received that a car accident occurred on Ashtarak-Echmiadzin highway, the help of rescuers is needed. Firefighting brigade arrived to the scene. A car accident occurred near to “Dvin” restaurant. The car “Mersedes” with local numbers 20 VV 777 collided to the car “Opel” with local numbers 23 ԼՍ 563 and appeared to the nearest field. Before the arrival of fire fighters the driver and the passengers were taken to the medical center of Vagharshapat,...

Rescuers brought out corpse from the canyon 06:40 / 30.05.2014

30.05.2014 at 07.26 the information was received that the citizen committed sucide near area “Ditaket” in Goris city, Syunik province. Fire brigade left for the scene. In undiscovered circumstances sucide committed the resident of Goris city V.Gh. born in 1981. Firefighter-rescuers brought out corpse of V.Gh.  from the canyon.