Suicide attempt on Arami Street in Yerevan

20:59 / 29.05.2022

On May 29, at 18։51 an emergency call was received to Crisis management national center that there was a gas leak at an apartment at 4/3 Arami street of Yerevan city.

One fire unit from the Fire and Rescue Squad of Yerevan Rescue Department and the operative group of Crisis Management National Center, the rescue group from the Center for Carrying out Activities of Special Importance of the Rescue Forces Department and the psychologist on duty from Psychological Assistance Division of the Rescue Service of MES of RA dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that there was no gas leak at the mentioned address: a citizen was threatening to commit suicide by jumping off the balcony of the 8th floor.

At 20:44 the suicide attempt of the citizen of the Republic of Poland M. Ch.(born in 1992) was prevented.

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