Fire in a house of summer houses in Dzoraghbyur

10:34 / 24.04.2022

On April 24, at 07:3 an emergency call was received to Crisis management national center that fire had broken out in the attic of a house of summer houses in Dzoraghbyur of Kotayk province.

Two fire units from the Fire and Rescue Squad of Yerevan Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of the MES of RA dispatched to the scene.

It turned out the fire broke out in a house on Aygegortsneri street.

The fire was localized at 08:12 and extinguished at 08։44. The attic (about 65 square meters) (with furniture) of the house and the wooden constrictions (about 65 square meters) of the roof were burnt.

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