Grenade kind of object was found in the basement of a building

13:45 / 24.03.2020

On March 24, at 01:04 an emergency call was received to Crisis management national center that a grenade kind of object had been found in the basement of the third entrance of the 11th building in Artem Mkoyan street in Yerevan.

A fire unit from the Fire and Rescue Squad of Yerevan Rescue Department, the canine unit and the rescue squad of the Center for Carrying Out Activities of Special Importance of the Department of Rescue Forces, the engineer squad of the Collective Center of Civil Defense Forces of the Civil Defense Department of the Rescue Service of MES of RA dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that during construction activities 2 explosive devices of hand-held anti-tank grenade  (PKG-З) had been found.

The rescuers evacuated about 50 residents from the three entrances of the building, blocked off the scene, as well as removed the ammunition and handed it over to the police for further examination.

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