RTA on Guguti-Marneuli roadway: victims and casualties were RA citizens

14:24 / 01.09.2019

On August 31, at 08:44 information was received by the operative duty officer of the Emergency Situations Department of the Inner Affairs Ministry of Georgia that at 03:10 a car accident had occurred on the 4th km of Guguti-Marneuli roadway: “Mercedes Sprinter” and “Ford Transit” cars had collided.

According to preliminary data there were 2 victims and 19 casualties.

It turned out that there were 2 victims (Greta A. born in 1966 and Marta S. born in 1991) and injured 16 RA citizens.

7 of the casualties (Lena M., Gayane B., Tatevik G., Laura Kh., Hasmik A., Anush M., Mary M.) had been hospitalized to “New Hospital” medical center of Tbilisi of the Republic of Georgia, 3 of the casualties (Anna A., Vardan H., Azat A.) to “Piner” medical center, 3 (Lilia Kh., Zaven Kh., Laura Kh.) to “Patriarchs” medical center, the other 3 (Davit K., Karen K., Garnik G.) to “Aramyants” medical center.

Gayane B.’s and Tatevik G.’s health conditions were assessed as extremely serious, Anna A’s and Lena M.’s as serious. The others got necessary medical aid and were discharged.

The representative of the Ministry of Health informed that 4 cars had left for Tbilisi.

On September 1, at 08:38 Lena M. was taken to “Erebouni” medical center, Anna A. to “Saint Gregory the Illuminator” medical center. According to the doctors’ conclusion the casualties were in stable serious condition.

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