RTA in Stravlopol Territory of the RF: there were casualties of the Republic of Armenia

12:53 / 17.06.2019

On June 17, at 13:41 information was received that at about 08:25 a car accident had occurred on the 250th km of “Caucasus” federal roadway: 4 paasenger vehicles, a truck and a bus had collided.

As a result of the accident there were 6 casualties, 4 of them were from the Republic of Armenia (V.A. born in 1978, K.M. born in 1985, A.U. born in 1970 and G.G. born in 1981). The casualties were hospitalized to the central hospital of Nevinominsk town. According to doctors’ conclusion V.A. was in serious condition, K.M. and A.U. were in satisfactory condition. G.G. refused medical treatment.

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