The mountaineer remained under the snow

16:45 / 22.02.2019

On February 22, at 11:05 an emergency call was received to “911” service that 5 mountaineers (citizens of France) had climbed to a mountain adjacent to one of the hotels in Aghveran, Kotayk province. One of the mountaineers had remained under the snow. His friends immediately had taken him out of the snowfall, the casualty lost his consciousness: the rescuers’ help was needed.

A fire brigade from the fire and rescue squad and the rescue squad of the center of carrying out activities of special importance of the rescue service of MES of RA left for the scene.

At 13:30 а helicopter of the Ministry of Defense left for help.

The rescuers left for the scene on foot (from "Arthurs Aghveran Resort" holiday house).

At 15:40 the citizen of France died in the helicopter of the Ministry of Defense.

At 16:25 the corpse of the citizen was taken to Yerevan by the helicopter of the Ministry of Defense. The rescuers took the other 4 mountaineers to "Arthurs Aghveran Resort" holiday house.

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