RTA on Tsakhkahovit-Gegharot Highway

19:57 / 03.07.2017

On July 3, at 16:08 an emergency call was received that a car accident had occurred on Gegharot-Jamshlu highway, there was a casualty blocked inside the car: the rescuers’ help was needed.

A fire brigade left for the scene.

It turned out that on the 13th km of Tsakhkahovit-Gegharot highway “GAZel” with license plate 238 LL 62, “Mercedes E280” with license plate 18 OS 684, “VAZ-2115” with license plate 33 TT 911 and “Opel Astra” with license plate 34 LM 339 had collided. The driver of “VAZ-2115” died on the spot.

The rescuers took the corpse out of the car and removed to ambulance car.

The rescuers disconnected the automotive batteries and closed the gas valves of the cars.

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