A citizen fell into the river

08:10 / 07.05.2016

On May 6, at 21.58 information was received that a citizen fell into the river near the 2nd km of Kajaran-Kapan highway: rescuer’s help’s needed.

Two fire brigades and operative group of regional CMC left for the scene.

From 23.08 rescuers carried out search activities along the Voghji river in the direction of Kajaran town (about 30 km Kajaran-Kapan).

Operative group of police department also was involved in the search activities.

At 01.15 the activities were stopped due to unfavorable weather conditions and darkness.

On May 7 at 06.00 the search activities continued.

Operative group of regional CMC and a fire brigade left for the scene. Additional 10 rescuers left to support the activities on spot.

At 07.35 rescuers noticed the citizen (S. H., born in 1954) near the 2.5 km of Kajaran-Kapan highway in Voghji river and removed the body from the river.

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