RTA on Yerevan-Gyumri highway

11:45 / 27.10.2015

27.10.2015 at 11.35 the emergency call has been received, that RTA occurred on Gyumri-Mastaran highway, there are victims, help of rescuers is needed.

Fire brigade left at the scene.

Till firefighter-rescuers received at the scene the substitute of leader of firefighter rescue group (on the road of coming Yerevan)

gave first medical help to the victim, switched off the electricity and close the gas valve of the car.  

It turned out, that RTA occurred on 80 km of Yerevan-Gyumri highway. "Honda Fita" with license plate HHB-515 (driver G. P.) came out from the traffic part of the road and thrundle to canyon (approximately 50 m).

Firefighter-rescuers brought out from the canyon the passenger J. S. born in 1979 and approach to ambulance car, who was hospitalized to medical ceneter of Gyumri city.

Doctors assessed health condition of victim as critical.

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