Accident on Norashen district and on Ashtarak highway intersections

14:30 / 15.10.2015

15.10.2015 at 14.18 the emergency call has been received, that accident occurred on Norashen district and Ashtarak highway intersections, the citizen was in unconscious condition, help of rescuers is needed.

Fire brigade left at the scene.

in Undiscovered circumstances truck "ZIL" with license plate 34 UV 205 (the driver G. S. born in 1975) hit H. Kh. born in 1965 and K. K. born in 1969.

H. Kh. died at the scene, but K. K. was hospitalized to "Armenia" medical center, where he received necessary medical help and was discharged.

Firefighter-rescuers had implemented road cleaning works.

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