RTA on Vardenis-Martuni highway

23:15 / 05.09.2015

05.06.2015 at 23.10 the emergency call has been received, that RTA occurred near gas station of Tsovak village of Gegharkunik province.

There are victims, help of rescuers is needed.

Fire brigade left at the scene.

It turned out, that near the 12 km destination of Vardenis-Martuni highway "Mercedes" with license plate 86 SU 776 came out from the traffic part of the road and collided to tree. 

As a result of RTA the driver S.H. born in 1985, the passenger H.M. born in 1987, G.S. born in 1977 and G.V. born in 1977 with receiving various body injuries were hospitalized to military hospital of Vardenis city.

The doctors assessed health condition of H.M. as medium critical, others as critical, but T.S. born in 1986 died during the road hospitalizing.

Firefighter-rescuers brought out from the car the victims G.V., GS., T.S., and then switched off the electricity and gas valve of the car.

06.05.2015 at 09.00 G.S. and G.V. born in 1977 died. 

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