RTA on Ashtarak-Yerevan highway

17:50 / 12.10.2014

12.10.2014 at 18.45 the emergency call was received that RTA occurred on Ashtarak-Yerevan highway.

There is a victim, help of rescuers is needed.

Fire brigade left for the scene.

It turned out that in undiscovered circumstances on 12 km of Yerevan-Ashtarak part of M-1 interstate highway collided autos “VAZ-2106” with license plate 21 LO 674 the driver N.H. born in 1960 and “VAZ-2107” with license plate 33 DD 533 the driver D.M. born in 1946.

As a result of RTA the driver of auto “VAZ-2106” was blocked inside of the auto.

Till firefighter-rescuers received at the scene the driver of the auto “Isuzu” with local forces was hospitalized to “Armenia” medical center, where with receiving necessary medical help was signed out.

Firefighter-rescuers brought out from the blocking the driver of “VAZ-2106”, who was hospitalized to medical center of Ashtarak city.

Doctors assessed the health situation of victim as critical.

Firefighter-rescuers switched off electricity and stopped leak of oil of auto.

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